Welcome to Sunny Slope!
Offering An Exclusive 2011 Illinois Whitetail Rut Hunt
750 Acres Limited to 8 Hunters ONLY 
Six Day Semi-Guided Trophy Deer Hunt 10/31 to 11/5/2011
Designed for Bow Hunters Seeking 140 plus Trophies
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About Us

   Sunny Slope Hunt Club began in 2001 with a goal to provide hunting like sportsmen experienced "in the day."  Over the years the population of upland birds has declined with the "advances of farming practices." The liability and legal climate changed the attitudes of many landowners and it became difficult to obtain permission to hunt what cover was left. Many of us became frustrated with this hunting experience.  I was taken as a guest to a pay to hunt place.  I never thought I would like it but, I got the fever back and remembered what it was like to see a good dog lock up on a bird.  As my children came of age I decided I wanted them to experience the feeling my father shared with me as we "limited out" after preparing and looking forward to a good bird hunt.  Putting pen raised birds in narrow strips of cover was not much like the old days.  So,  my wife and I decided to make the cover large and as close as possible to the native cover hunters experienced in Central Illinois in the 1970's.  We shopped around to find birds that acted like wild birds. We licensed our farm in Logan County near Beason, Illinois in 2003.   In 2004 we opened Sunny Slope Lodge and Cabin near Ipava where deer, turkey and waterfowl hunting is available.

   Marcia, Emily, Ben and I have worked hard to develop Sunny Slope.  I believe that you can now experience a hunt like my father and I had in the 1970's, with the thick cover and plentiful birds.  Our farm also offers the chance to take a Boone and Crockett Buck.


  So, please take this invitation to come visit us.


Dru, Marcia, Emily and Ben Hauter


1275 2300th Ave

Kenney, Illinois 61749



Any Questions E-Mail us at druhauter@huntsunnyslope.com  



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